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Our Careers

Carson Friedland, Chrome Productions, London Office
Joel Mishcon and Dotti, Chrome Productions, London Office
Josh Hay, Chrome Productions, London Office
Chrome Productions London Office
Chrome Productions London Office open plan ground floor
Sam Strong, Chrome Productions, London Office
Josh Hay, Chrome Productions, London Office



Agility is at the core of not only what we offer our clients, but also what we provide for our team. We support a hybrid work schedule and provide a range of benefits, from competitive salaries to a well-stocked fridge, and are always looking to provide the best employee experience possible.

Flexible Working Arrangements

Chrome appreciates the benefits of a flexible working arrangement; however, we are all in the office every Monday for our weekly team meeting and celebrations!

Competitive Pay

Chrome applies the same high standards to hiring the best talent as we do to our video production. We offer competitive salaries to all our valued team.

Health & Lifestyle Benefits

Chrome has options for pensions, 401(k)s, private health insurance, and life insurance for employees in both our UK and US offices; the timing of these benefits’ availability to you is dependent on length of time worked at the location you join.

Diversity & Inclusion

At Chrome we value our team as individuals with diverse opinions, cultures, lifestyles, backgrounds, and circumstances – unique characteristics that we believe drive innovative and creative thinking. By providing training, challenging stereotypes and assumptions, and promoting allyship, we aim to create a welcoming and inclusive environment in which each and every one of our employees, clients, and partners is respected, valued, and celebrated.

Commuter Benefits

Whether you cycle across London, commute into Kentish Town, or drive through Los Angeles, Chrome offers programs and schemes to help you on your way.

Training & Enrichment

From mental health awareness coaching, to ‘Lunch and Learn’ sessions and external training in order to develop skills, Chrome is always looking for new ways to provide career enrichment and personal and professional growth.

Wellbeing Support

In-office massages, breathing workshops, and walk and talk meetings on a sunny afternoon – these are just a few examples of the various perks our ‘Wellbeing Chrommittee’ has implemented recently in an effort to add some variety to the workday and support our team’s wellbeing.

Company Events

From bowling outings to pub nights, wine and cheese tastings to escape rooms, and bake-off competitions to go-karting, we are always looking forward to our next team activity!

Dogs in the Office

Chrome’s London office is home to two sweet pups: Dotti, Head of Barketing and lover of birthday cake and Lua, Junior Post Pawducer and enthusiastic backpacker. Chrome’s dogs love treats, walks, and belly rubs!

Our Locations

Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Pacific Design Center - Red Building
750 N San Vicente Boulevard
Suite RW800
West Hollywood, CA 90069

+1 (323) 612 1229